Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Coming soon...'Grimm Recollections' with Andrea Grant

As part of my East Coast trip I also spent a week in NYC working out the last details of my latest and most ambitious project to date. This has been in the works for quite some time now and I'm very pleased to finally announce it. 'Grimm Recollections: A Modern Retelling of the Grimm Fairytales'. The concept was developed by myself and New York writer Andrea Grant; also known as the 'Pin-Up Poet'. Our collaboration is a retelling of classic fairytales with a modern, twisted slant in a collaboration of 12 illustrated poems. This will consist of 3 limited edition prints per story released simultaneously. The series will launch in March 2009.

Andrea and I met in New York City in September of 2005 at a Neil Gaiman 'Save CBGB's' reading the day after my showing with PNE(Post Neo Explosionism) at the CBGB 313 Gallery. We quickly realized we shared a very similar aesthetic and began scheming a creation to sink our creative teeth into. In our version of the stories, which are set in New York, the wolf in "Little Red Riding Hood' is a barfly who hangs out on the Bowery, Hansel and Gretel are sugar-addicted kids from Brooklyn who tear off the tops of fire hydrants in summer, and the 'Twelve Dancing Princesses' live in a penthouse on Park Avenue, imprisoned by a father who resents the fact that he has no sons. Look for more news very soon as well as a preview.

See the link below for more of Andrea's work.

The Pin-Up Poet
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