Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Pearl Jam from Hampton!

Pearl Jam -Hartford, CT

I was specifically asked by PJ's management to make the theme ofthis poster geographic so I based it on Mark Twain's 'TheAdventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn' as MT lived inHartford, CT when he wrote it. It's also based on a famous paintingby Norman Rockwell of the white washing the fence scene in thebook. I gave it a modern twist with skater kids wheat pasting thefence with a Pearl Jam poster.

The text at the bottom reads:

'T-Bomb' Sawyer shows 'Chuckles' Barry Finn the fun and fine art ofwheat pasting fences. (Apologies to the legendary late NormanRockwell) This is an eight color screen print on 100 lb acid free paper stockmeasuring 18"x 24". Signed and numbered edition of only 100 prints.No artist proofs and no special editions, this main run is it!

On sale Tuesday May 18th between 12 noon and 1pm PST at a random time. One per customer, no exceptions. Thanks!